4 Ways: How to retrieve deleted Text Messages on iPhone

Your contacts just got deleted? Don’t worry! Now you will know how to recover and retrieve deleted text messages on your iPhone. Our complete step by step guide can help you out whenever important messages of your favorite contacts gets deleted by mistake or even intentionally.

Messages may be from your loved ones like form your family or friends, or may be from your boss. From wherever you receive them mostly they are important and you have to read them fully so that you can get what they want to deliver you.

Generally text messages contains some fun and entertainment like stuff. But that is not in every case, sometimes some important data may also be present in texts, and when it gets deleted then what all do is get panic. But don’t worry we have almost 4 best and working methods which is explained step by step. Through which you can easily restore and retrieve your deleted text messages from your comfort.

How To Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone?

4 Ways To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages On iPhone

Restore Deleted Messages Via iCloud Backup:

The best and most safest way to prevent any type of data loss, whether it be messages, contacts, photos or any other important files is to regularly save a back-up of your important data. Hope you will always be backing up your data form iPhone to iCloud.
Through iCloud you can easily retrieve your deleted text messages.
Follow these simple steps to recover the deleted text messages on iPhone Through iCloud Back-Up.

  • Step #1: On your home screen along with all other apps you will see the settings icon. ust tap on “Settings” and open it.
How To recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone
  • Step #2: At the top of the settings options, just below your name, you will also see Apple ID & iCloud. “Tap on iCloud”.
  • Step #3: Search for iCloud back-up options in the menu. Tap on iCloud Back-Up
How To get back Deleted Text Messages on iPhone
  • Step #4: You will see the time when you did your last back-up. Here confirm that you did your last back-up just before you deleted your text messages.If you did! then you you did it Right!
icloud backup
  • Step #5: Select and tap on any back-ups which suits your needs. Make sure these back-ups will help you in getting your messages back into your iPhone.
list of icloud backups
  • Then Tap on “Back-Up Now”
start back-up now process
  • Step #6: You may be asked to enter your Apple ID, or Passcode. Enter them as they are and start the back up process.
  • After the back up process is successfully completed then you will be able to regain access to your messages.

Recovering Deleted Text Messages on iPhone Via PC/Mac:

Hope the first method would have worked for you. But if not then this is the second method through which you can easily get your messages which have been delted earlier, back. In this method will have to sync your iPhone to your PC or Mac whatever you have but iTunes must have been installed in it.

Follow these simple steps

  • Step #1: Connect your iPhone to your PC/Mac
  • Step #2: Open iTunes, if not opening then “Disable Find My iPhone” from the settings
  • Step #3: On your PC/MAC click the “Manage Back-Ups”
backup via mac or pc
  • Step #4: Check the complete list of backup. And identify that particular back-up which was made just before you deleted those text messages. Then Click on “OK”
  • Step #5: Now you are fully ready to perform the whole process of backing up/restoration. Click “Back-Up Now” OR “Restore Now”
  • Step #6: Just Wait for the process to be completed. This process will take some time which depends on the size of data and file stored on your iPhone. After some time all the deleted text messages will be automatically sent and saved in your Messenger App.

Recover Deleted Text Messages By 3rd-Party Apps

The last and only way through which you can recover your texts is by using some trusted and working 3 party applications from App Store. There are many that says that they can recover your deleted messages, but we have collected some working and reliable Apps. By using them you can easily get them back. These Apps includes the following ones: PhoneRescue, Tenorshare, iPhone Data Recovery & Dr.Fone for iOS also works.

Restore Deleted Messages By Contacting Cell Phone Service Provider

Sometimes if you dont have any back-up stored and no way is working for you. Then only way to recover your deleted text messages is to eventually contact your network or cell phone service provider.
For this you have to call their customer care support. Then make them aware of the whole situation and tell them that your text messages have been deleted. Ask them how to recover the deleted text messages on my iPhone. They will guide you the complete way and steps, By following it we hope that your messages again gets stored on your phone.


Hope by using our given methods you will have retrieved your previously messages on iPhone. If Yes, then you can mention the method which worked for you in the comments section. Moreover if you have any method which you wants to share with other people you can mention that too. Share it with your Friends & Family!

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