Features in iPhone you won’t find on Android

The likeness of anything, whether it be iPhone or android, totally depends on the users, that which features they like in the favorite operating system of smartphones. All the time, Android and iOS are competing with each other regarding their features. Sometimes android introduces any new and unique feature, while occasionally iOS introduces it. But mostly it happens that the new upcoming iPhones have something new and exciting in it, which attracts iOS lovers a lot.

We are not against any of the operating systems, but as we publish information mostly about iPhones, that is why we will today show you some of the best. I personally liked Best iPhone Features That are not in Android.

iMessage: The smarter way to Chat on iPhone


If there are a hundred iOS users, and you ask all of them why they use and love the iPhone so much. Almost fifty percent of the users will say it’s because of the engaging messaging app.

It’s all because the messaging application in the iPhone has a blue bubble-like transition, which I like. So it is one of the cool features that you may not find in android, maybe it gets included in it, but haven’t been added yet.

3D Touch: Touch Harder for More Features

3d touch feature

It may sound unique, but yes, you heard it right. This is one the top most unique feature which we can say exclusively in iPhone. We usually tap on any setting or any app to open it. Still, when we want to do something more to it, we tap or touch for a longer time, so that we can do our necessary work: whether it is to delete, uninstall or move that particular file or app.

But on the iPhone, there is an additional feature, which is to tap harder. As you tap harder, the built-in touch sensors recognize it and display some more settings and options regarding that particular thing. This feature is called a 3D Touch Hard feature.

Offload: Delete Unused Applications While Keeping Their Data

offload feature in iphone

We all, without any doubt, install thousands of applications on our iPhones. Many times we face a situation in which we find some apps that are unnecessary at a particular time but cannot delete them because we think that we may use them in the future. Due to this, we don’t remove that app, but that app continuously consumes our memory and storage.

So for this problem in the iPhone has a very useful feature, which is called Offload. Through this, you can delete your unused applications without erasing their data. So that in the future when you open the app your data will be present in it the same way as it was before deleting.

Personally, I will recommend you use this feature because it’s very useful. To enable the Offload head towards Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Enable Offload Add Apps.

Timely Important Updates

important updates

One thing in which iOS is better than Android is the timely updates of the operating system. Whenever your device needs to be updated, or some new software version arrives, it gives you a notification through which you can easily upgrade the version of the software of your iPhone.

iOS provides you a straightforward method to continually install updates on your device so that all of the tiny bugs or small holes present in the older version can be fixed. Moreover, you should install updates, it also provides you an extra layer of security too.

Memojis & Animojis


While chatting one can tell his/her feelings by writing words, but in order to express one’s feelings what we all people do is sharing emojis. Which is the best way to share your opinions and expressions without your friends or family at the other corner of the world.

Emojis are my favorite things too, but iOS has taken the Emojis to the next level also, by introducing the Animoji and Memoji features along with the regular emojis.

Animoji is a lovely animated animal emojis that can be modified through your face. Memoji is cool emojis that are changed depending on your likeness. These things are pretty cool and exciting.

Swipe Right to Go Back

In order to go back to the android device, you have to tap the back button. But again iPhones wanted to introduce a unique and attractive way of going back, which is to Swipe right to go back to the previous screen.

While browsing the internet or any social media you suddenly find some exciting stuff, like someone’s pictures, so to go back to see them on iPhone you just have to swipe rightward and you will be taken to the previous screen, instead of tapping the back buttons as in android.

Wrapping Up

Hope you liked all of the mentioned information about all of the best and our hand-picked features that are only available on iPhone but not in the typical Android smartphone. You can tell us which feature you liked the most, and which features you are using already in the comment section.

If you have some of the best tips or features about the iPhone you can drop it in the comments, and we will get to you as soon as possible. Drop us your Suggestions.