6 Things to do when you first get an iPhone

You just got your brand new beautiful iPhone today? Well, that’s awesome. We congratulate you that you got such an amazing and fast smartphone. But along with this, you must configure it in the correct way to get the best out of it. So in this article, we will show you some of the necessary things you have to do when you first get your iPhone.

1: Create Your Own Apple ID

create apple id

The first thing you have to do after getting a new iPhone, is to make your very own Apple Id by creating apple account. A Sign-Up screen will be automatically shown when you switch on your phone. Here you have to enter your Full Name, Email Address (if required), Desired Password (required if) and some important security questions, so that you get access to your Apple ID, in-case you get stucked while logging in.

If you have previously used iPhone and have already made Apple ID, then you can simply login it again in your new device, and start syncing data from your iCloud.

We recommend you to create Apple ID, because through this you can easily use your phone features completely and can get benefit from it. After signing up you will also get some credentials which will be your iCloud account too. iCloud allows you to easily get back your previously saved data whenever you get a new phone or if your phone gets lost.
Moreover you can also add your credit card information, which will allow you to purchase any important thing from App Store or any online Store.

2: Add Your Bio / Introduce Yourself

One of the best part of iPhone which i like is the Siri, through which one can interact with his phone via his/her own voice. And in-order to address you, Siri have to know your name, mean to say you have to introduce yourself to Siri. For this you can just tap on the Contacts > Signin > Add Info. And enter you desired name and information, so that it can be stored in your phone as the owner.

For exciting stuff to be done by Siri, add all the required things, like your home adress, mom’s name, father’s name, wife name, son’s name, daughter’s name etc. So that Siri will help you whenever you want to contact any of them. Like if you want to call or message your Father, then just say “Call/Message My Father” and you will get the job done.
Similarly if you want to know directions to your home, then Siri will help you there too in finding out the directs and route to your home, but only if you have mentioned your home address in your info settings.

3: Customize Your Contacts

customize contacts

If i say you can tell which of your friend or relative is calling you without even looking at your phone? Then i know you will be surprised, but that’s true. Through the “Customize Your Contacts” feature you can easily and completely customize your contacts list, like you can add your custom ringtone whenever they call, so that you can come to know which of your loved one is calling.

Along with all of this you are also able to add your contact lists home adress and birth dates, so that whenever anyone of your contact has a birthday you will get a notification in your calender application, or even Siri will also tell you that.

4: Setup Your Email Account

setup email account

After sms one of the useful things which every internet user uses, is Email. So here too in your new iPhone you can easily add your email account and get emails from your friends, family or from your work. You can add your Yahoo, Google, Exchange or iCloud Mails.

For this you just have to tap on Mail icon, which will take you to the adding email option. Here you have to enter your available email and signin. So that you can easily receive emails whenever someone sends you.

If you find that your email service provider is not mentioned in the given list, then you have to manually enter your desired email by tapping on the bottom “Add Email Manually” button and further continue as per your own information.

5: Take A Look At iCloud Features

icloud backup

iCloud is the best part in iPhone which helps you in backing up your important information just through your Apple ID. Like you can easily share or back-up content present in your iPhone to any other Apple Device like Mac & iPad etc.
For more information you can visit Settings > iCloud. Whenever you want to back-up your important contacts, reminders or messages you can simply enter your Id in the Apple Device and it will be backed up.

icloud backup options

6: Configure Find My iPhone

find my iphone

Well, we have told you some useful information about any new iPhone, but now you should take a look at some security features and settings too, that can be life saving at any time when you lose your iPhone. This feature is called as Find My Phone.
You can enable this feature from the settings. After this feature is enabled you can get a fifty person but to some extent hundred percent access too, to your phone. Like if it is lost, then you can use of the mentioned feature of Find My Phone. You can completely erase data, lock it, send a message to be appeared on the home screen (preferred if someone have found), and even see the charging options too, that whether your phone is being charged or not or what is the battery percentage at the current time.


So dear readers! this is the end of our article on the basic and important things to be done, when you first get an iPhone, hope you liked it! You can drop your suggestions below in the comment box. For information You can keep checking our new and latest articles about iPhone on our Blog iPhoneWiz

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