Everything You Need to Know About TutuBox App

What is TutuBox?

TutuBox is the latest third-party app store, an alternative app store for iOS, that gives permission to get tweaked apps, jailbreak tools, hacked games, emulators without revoking and jailbreaking your device. With this app, users have free access to thousands of apps and games. Be it iOS 13 or the latest iOS 14, it can run on all versions of iOS.

Is the TutuBox App Safe?

Yes. TutuBox App Store is one of the leading secure third-party app stores like AppValley Apps Installer. It is 100% safe to install the TutuBox application on your device. The application does not contain malicious software that may damage your device. Since cracked applications may contain viruses, you can try to install these types of applications from a protected source.

How much does it cost?

The App Store is totally free, and all applications and games given by TutuBox are also free. You don’t want to pay for anything given by the third-party iOS App Store. Install the iOS applications and jailbreak tools for free on the iOS device.

Is TutuBox available for Android?

No, This is not accessible for Android devices. They created TutuBox only for iOS. It does not support Android devices. If you hear about any website providing the AppStore for Android, don’t trust it.

Should I need to Jailbreak my iPhone to use it?

No, TutuBox allows you to experience tweaked apps without going to Jailbreak iPhone. You can download them in the same procedure as you download them from the iOS app store. You need not enter your Apple ID and password for any reason. You can use it on your iPhone without jailbreaking your device.

Does it Revoke like other Tweaked App Stores available at the moment?

Not at all. This is not like any other tweaked app stores available now, it allows you to download tweaked apps with no revoke.

Can it be installed on my iPhone 12 Pro runs on iOS 14?

Yes, You can install it. It works on all the versions of iOS. This allows you to get tweaked apps on your iOS 13 and 14 without jailbreak.

Reference: https://tutubox.net/

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