CoconutBattery Mac App to Check Battery Health

I have a problem with my Macbook battery. When I am working with my Macbook, it seems that I have to stop 1-2 hours earlier due to the battery drops. I want to know what happens with the battery. I found a small utility to check the capacity of the Macbook battery. The name of the app is coconutBattery. Funny name, yes, and pretty nice & unique icon too! I think the author likes coconut flavor — just guessing from their website name (see link below).

It simply shows your battery health from its usage and capacity. It shows you how many load cycle has been used in the battery. I think 1 cycle means 1 time charging from almost 0% to 100% of the battery. This is just my personal opinion. Besides the load cycle, it also tells you the battery design capacity versus current capacity. As we expect, if you use your Macbook for quite a long time, the current capacity should be less than the design capacity. As you can see from my screenshot above my current capacity is now 80%.

Why coconutBattery?

  • It’s free (donation link is provided on its website)
  • Small & light app
  • Tell you what you need to know about your battery
  • You can see the changes in your battery health over time
  • You can compare your battery capacity with others (use coconutBattery online from coconutBattery menu)

Anything I don’t like from the app? Hhmmm, I can’t think of it right now, can you? Do you have any comments or experiences of using the coconutBattery?

To get the app you can google it or download it directly from the coconutBattery website.

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