How to clear cache on iPhone

Most people nowadays use iPhones, because of their speed, security, and performance. You may be using any version of the iPhone, like it may be iPhone XR, X, XS, iPhone 8, or Xmax. But the need to clear cache is important in every version, but in the above-mentioned versions, you won’t face any problem while clearing caches.

But mostly that users who have iPhone 5, 6 & 7 faces a little bit of problem in clearing their caches. But don’t worry this article is to help you out. So Whatever your model of phone is, you can easily clear the caches present on your phone through these steps.

If you ask from me about the performance of iPhones, then can without any doubt say that all of them are very good in their processors and performances. But sometimes after installing lots of applications, their cache files gets stored in the Phone’s Storage, due to which the phone’s speed gets decreased a little.
So just follow our given simple steps, which will help you to optimize your iPhone performance and speed by removing junk files and caches.

Steps To Clear Cache On iPhone:

  • Step #1: First of all search for the settings icon on your home screen, or if not available then you may swipe right or left to find the icon for going to the “Settings”
  • Step #2: After opening the Settings, you have to search for safari option, you may find it by swiping downward.
  • Step #3: Now you will see a list of options that you can do, but as we are here to clear the cache so we will search for “Clear History and Website Data” and then tap on the “Confirm” button which would be in the next window operation.
clear cache iphone
  • Now you have successfully cleared the caches from your iPhone!

Advanced Selection Of Clearing Cache On iPhone:

What if ? you don’t want to clean all of the caches present on your phone. But only that cache files which you think that they are not being used by you. Then it that case you can use the “Advanced Cache Clearing” option. Through this option you can easily clear the caches of your own choice. You may clear that cache which you think that they are not important for you, and let the remaining caches stay in your phone’s memory.

advanced selection

So for advanced Cache Clearing Option, Follow these simple given steps

  • Step #1: Again you have to go to “Settings”
  • Step #2: Search for the safari option.
  • Step #3: Now you have to tap on the “Advanced Settings” and here you will see the option of “Clear Websites Caches”
  • Step #4: Now all of the website’s caches which have been stored in your phone’s internal storage, will be shown here a list. Now it’s your own choice to select and remove those caches files which you want, and the rest can be remained as it is.
  • Step #5: You can delete the whole list even, for this swipe down to the bottom and tap on “Remove All Website Data”

Now let’s talk about how to clear iPhone storage from any type of caches which is caused by the installation of third-party applications

How To Clear Cache Of Any iPhone Installed App

Well that’s all was clearing site’s caches, but you would be thinking that what about the cache files of the installed applications in phone. Don’t worry we have also provided the complete steps through which you can easily clear the caches of your installed applications with just few taps.

apps using caches
  • Step #1: Search for “Settings” and tap single on it
  • Step #2: Go to the option of “General Settings”
  • Step #3: Tap on the setting which would be named as “iPhone Storage”. You will see a list of all the installed apps which are using your phone’s storage and data.
  • Step #4: Tap on any app whose cache you wants to clear for instance we have shown twitter in the image
  • Step #5: Tap on “Clear Cache” and you are all done!

In every app settings you will also see a list of other options along with the cache’s option, which are
⦁ Offload APP
⦁ Delete APP

If you want to save the data of a particular app but uninstall it then you can select the option which is named as “Offload App Data”
But if you want to completely remove the app from your iPhone then you can tap on the “Delete App”


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