How to Improve iPhone Battery Life

Nowadays you will see very fast phones. But the life of their batteries has not improved much over time. iPhones are very fast phones and have very fast processors too, but sadly their battery life is doesn’t work for a long time if it is used all day. But if you use it with full care then you won’t have any problem related to the charging. Today we will give you some tips to improve iPhone battery life.

Improve iPhone Battery life using Background App Refresh

First of all, you should check all of the applications that are using your phone’s battery and draining it. Then, close all of those apps or games that are running in the background because they continuously use your phone’s charging and data.

In order to check which apps are using your battery go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Here you will see a complete list of services running in the background.

background app refresh Improve iphone battery life

Enable “Low Power Mode” for a Long day

From Apple’s iOS 9 Operating System of the iPhones, there is an extra feature that can help you to Improve your iPhone Battery Life. The feature is called the “Low Power Mode”, by enabling that option you will see a nice change in your phone timings. Whenever you are heading out for a long-lasting day, then it is advised enabling Low Power Mode, so that your battery will last long till the night, rather than draining in the afternoon Otherwise, this option can be automatically enabled, once your phone reaches nearly 20% of charging.

improve iphone battery life low power mode

Turn off Bluetooth

If you never use Bluetooth accessories with your iPhone, then we advise you to disable them from your settings.

Reduce Screen Brightness

One of the biggest factors that are responsible for draining your iPhone’s battery is the screen brightness. Therefore you should reduce your screen brightness up to the level which you can see properly.

reduce screen brightness improve iphone battery life

Enabling “Airplane Mode” Improve iPhone Battery life

If you don’t need any phone calls, text messages, or the internet, then you can enable airplane mode. It will stop all the connection services, and improve your batterings timings very much. For example, if you are traveling to someplace, then your phone’s network have to continuously change connections from one tower to the other, which may cause power reduction, therefore it is the best option to put your iPhone on Airplane Mode before traveling so that your battery will work when you need it.

enabling airplane mode

Don’t use iPhone while Charging

Many times people are using iPhones with chargers plugged into the switch. But experts advise that you should not use your phones while they are charging, it can decrease your battery’s life. Therefore always let it complete the charging to almost 100% or near to it.

Apps for Improving iPhone Battery life

Sometimes there are apps very heavily using your battery, and they are the ones that consume almost 50% of your total battery charging. Even after disabling them from the background, there is still the chance that they will consume more battery in the future, so to get rid of those apps you have the only solution, which is to uninstall those battery eaters and search for their alternatives apps.

Final Words

No matter how much you take care of your phone’s battery, all batteries lose power capacity with the passage of time. So even after following our given tips, your phone’s battery is not lasting longer than you should go for replacing it with a new one.