How to change iPhone clock display

Changing the iPhone Clock Display Might Be Easier Than You Think. If we talk about the different parts of the time clock on any Apple iPhone, then we can say that it can be customized and changed up to some extent. But it cannot be modified completely, but the required and important things can be done easily. Like if you want to change the 12-Hours clock to 24-Hours or vice versa then you can do it easily.

You can also change the date or time and some little other settings too. So to change the iPhone Clock Display we have written this article for you so that you can easily change the display or customize the display of your iPhone’s clock whenever you want.

The need for iPhone Clock have removed the need of any normal or Apple Watch. So just via looking at the home screen of your iPhone you can easily tell what the time is and exactly what is the current date.

Just follow the given steps and you will be able to customize the clock of your phone:

Change iPhone Clock Display Steps:

  • Step #1: Check the home screen of your iPhone, here you will see an icon named as “Settings”, just tap on it.
  • Step #2: Then here you can see a list of options, from these options and features just tap on “General”
general settings
  • Step #3: Along with other settings you will see the settings regarding dates and times, so you have to tap on “Date & Time”
date & time settings
  • Step #4: Here you will see a toggle option which will be very next to the 24-Hours Time. If you swipe it to the right then your clock will be of 24 Hours, like if the time in 12 Hours is 6 PM, then it will shows as 18 PM. But if swipe this option to the left then your clock time will be set to the 12-Hours Format.
time hours formats
  • My Opinion: Personally i use the 12 Hours format because it is very easy to understand, but it totally depends on the user that which type of clock display that which type of clock display they can understand.

Automatic Set Date & Time:

In these settings you will also see the option of changing the date and time automatically by the Toggle Option which will be named as “Set Automatic Time Zone”. When you enable this option the date and time of your clock will be automatically set up to your current location and your network provider.

Manually Set Date & Time:

This feature allows you manually add and set up the date and time on your iPhone. You can easily change the date by scrolling down the numbers which will be written in the following format DD/MM/YYYY or DD/MM/YY. And for time it will in the format Minutes/Hours or even seconds can be added.

set date and time manually

All of these steps can be applied for any iPhone model like, iPhone 7, 8, X, XMax, XR, iPhone 7+. iPhone SE, using the iOS Version 12, 11 & 13

Time Zone Settings:

In the automatic time zone settings you can easily select your city and the date and time will be changed to it automatically.

set time zone

Frequently Asked Questions About iPhone Clock Display:

  1. Can We Easily Customize The Time On The iPhone Lock Screen?
    Yes! You can easily change the time of your iPhone Lock screen. Just go to Settings>General>Clock and change according to your needs and preferences.
  2. Can We Customize The Size And Location Of Clock In The Lock-Screen Of An iPhone?
    Sorry! But you cannot do it. But you can change the clock display from the settings, that’s possible, Like changing Font size, icon size and some other features.
  3. Can We Move The Clock In The iPhone Home Screen Or Lock Screen?
    No! You can’t move the Clock Display On Lock OR Home Screen
  4. How to Add if my City is Not Listed In Time Zone?
    Then you can select that city which is nearer to your city and then tap on Confirm Time Zone Location.


Hope you liked the all of the above mentioned information How to Change iPhone Clock Display. By following all of the above mentioned steps you can easily setup your iPhone Clock Display According to your own choice. If you want some more tips related to iPhone Clock then you can ask it in the comments section.