How to Completely Secure iPhone

If you are mobile and especially an iPhone user, mostly you will be surfing on the internet. While using it, you will simply open the browser and start the search for your favorite stuff. But behind this, a lot of processes and operations occur, which you may not understand as they are not in ordinary human language. As this type of stuff cannot be understood easily by a common man, therefore you don’t know whether it is disturbing your privacy or not? Or Is it safe? So to ultimately make secure your iPhone from any type of danger, we have provided some easy steps.

Secure iPhone with Lock Screen

While simply looking at your lock screen anyone can easily get a lot of information present on it. Mostly a user gets notifications/messages/emails on the lock screen. Therefore we advise you to secure it completely. You can do it by going to the Settings > Face ID/Touch ID &Passcode > Add/Edit/Remove passcode. And there, you can easily set your desired passcode.

Along with the passcode, there are several options for notifications that should be displayed even when the phone is locked. You should change those notifications so that no one can see your information even when it is locked. You can change it by Settings > Notifications > Show Previews > Always/When Unlocked/Never. This will show you the complete set of services that might be running even when in a locked state.

lock screen secure iphone

Keep iPhone Up to date

Another big thing that matters a lot is to update your iPhone to keep it fully secured. You may call it optional, but in every version of iOS, there are some tiny bugs, then wrong people (hackers) have a lot of chances to access and misuse one’s phone. These bugs can only be removed when you update your iPhone Software to the latest version. So always update your iPhone’s software to the iOS latest version whenever the new update comes.

But if you don’t want to check for updates daily, you can easily enable the auto-update option, which will automatically update your iPhone’s Sofware whenever available. Turn it on under the Settings > General > Software Update > Automatic Updates. This option provides automatically installs the latest software update after they have been downloaded.

secure iphone with ios updates

Secure iPhone with strong Passcode

I know you are using a passcode to unlock your iPhone, that’s a good thing. But can you guarantee that someone cannot unlock it without your permission? Well, you can’t. Because nowadays it is very easier to unlock any iPhone, someone with excellent knowledge can open it very quickly. Therefore it is always advised to keep some a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters as your phone’s password.

For securing your passcode head towards Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Change Passcode. Here you should use a mix of numbers, letters, and special characters, like “alex@23*!&” or anything you want, but should be very secured that cannot be guessed easily by someone.

secure iphone strong passcode

Don’t Jailbreak your iPhone

By default, the iPhone has settings that don’t allow the installation of third-party source applications or games from unknown sources. This feature or parameter can be removed by Jailbreaking iPhone. This means now your iPhone will allow installing applications from third-party sources. This setting is always compulsory for the installation of modified applications.

But we strictly advise avoiding any jailbreaking of your iPhone. Because these applications might gain root-level access to your phone’s operating system, which may end up in any problem for you. So always keep your phone secured from any threats by installing apps and software from any trusted source like the Apple app store.

Enable “Find My” option to Secure iPhone

“Find My” was previously called “Find My iPhone”. It is one of the best services on iPhones, it is the one which helps you in the case when you have lost your phone, someone has stolen it.

In these cases, you can easily protect or avoid the access of strangers to it via the “Find My” option in the settings. You can easily enable it, if not enabled by default. Go to Settings > Your Phone’s Name > Find My > Find My iPhone Enable it. After enabling it you can easily get cloud access to your phone in case you don’t have access to it physically.

In case of any emergency, you can easily, remove all the data from your phone or change the passcode to avoid being used by any stranger.

find my iphone

Avoid using Unsecured Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is unsecured many times. Your data can be lost or someone can get access to it via the Wi-Fi. As they are acting like the middle man in between you and the whole Internet, therefore they can misuse your search traffic or redirect you to any harmful websites or URLs. So always avoid using unsecured Wi-Fi.

One of the settings which we found, that may be helpful to you regarding the Wi-Fi is, go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Auto-Join Hotspot Disable it. You should disable it so that your phone won’t connect to any wifi without your permission.

auto-join hotspot

Don’t open Strange Links

If you overview the whole Internet along with good and informative websites you will also find lots of such types of websites that are totally destroying the user’s privacy, meant to say that is insecure. Therefore you avoid clicking on any link which you don’t recognize. It may lead to your data loss, or someone can gain unauthorized access to your logins or any important credentials. Always stay away from these bad links. Always check the sender and their address even in google, who sent you an email or text message containing any link.

Moreover, sometimes these bad links are shortened by some of the well-known websites like, for that Apple and have security, but no one can call it as 100% completely secured, there may some sort of holes, so we advise you to avoid any strange looking links.

Be careful about Granting Permissions while Installations

Whenever you install any new application into your iPhone, there is a list of permissions that a particular app requires in order to perform its function properly. Most of the users without seeing all of them allows it, but as a cautionary measure, one should not allow all of those permissions without having a look at them first.

Therefore it is always recommended to have a look at the permissions and then continue the further installation. These permissions usually include access to location, files, contacts, camera, Bluetooth, radio, and some others, but how you will know that this app is bad? Well, for this, you have to view the permissions lists completely, and if any strange permission you see, immediately stop the installation of that app.

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